Dodge RAM Diesel Fuel Cap

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Dodge RAM Diesel Fuel Cap for 6.7L Cummins Dodge RAM and 3.0L Eco Diesel Dodge RAM

The GDS Dodge Fuel Cap!  Because there is nothing more aggravating when you pay good money for a new truck and on your first fill-up you realize you have no fuel cap. We decided to design a cap that the manufacturer should have provided. Ours is machined from aluminum, anodize with a diesel green color, and then laser etched 'DIESEL' into the top to make it stand out. To make sure you never lose your fuel cap, we put a magnet on the bottom so you can conveniently stick it to the inside of your fuel door while refueling but still maintaining aesthetic appeal. As functional as it is appealing, this cap will keep dust, water and debris out of your fuel system.



  • Fits all RAM Diesel Trucks 2013-2016
  • Ridged sides making it easy to grip
  • Uses an O-ring that is designed for chemical resistance and long life
  • Made of  aluminum
  • Anodized diesel green color
  • Magnet in the bottom to prevent you from losing the cap.
  • Replaces the red plastic cap


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