Dodge Ram Truck Steering Stabilizer "Death Wobble"

Curing Dodge Death Wobble - Tightening Up Your Steering.

. We have seen and repaired hundreds of Dodge Rams 2500 - 3500 that have steering problems. This is a simple fix, that can be done in your garage. A new steering stabilizer is often times all it may need.


VD44 Injection Pump Problems

VP44 Injection Pump Problems Solved


Before we delve into how to find and solve vp44 injection pump problems, we need to learn a little more about the VP44 pump itself. Sadly every 98-02 Dodge Cummins engine is destined to have a problem with the vp44 sometime in it’s life. Not to worry though! Gillett Diesel will arm with the most information possible to make the problem a piece of cake. Lets learn more about VP44 pumps below!

What is a VP44 injection pump?

Premium VP44 Injection Pump



Combustion Blow By Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tips Ford 6.0L Injectors

A common problem on the 6.0L Power Stroke is air in the low-pressure fuel supply to the injectors. The majority of the time the cause is one or more injectors that are not sealing properly in the cylinder head. Read More


The 6.5L No-Start Guide

"The 6.5L No-Start Guide"


GMC Chev 6.5L Stalling

Tips to fix 6.5L Stalling?

What is Turbo Wheel Trim

Turbo Wheel Trim Explained. Get the Information You Need to Understand Your Upgrade Needs. Do you Need a 63mm Turbo Upgrade, or a 68mm Turbo Upgrade?


South Bend Clutch Review

South Bend Clutch Review. We Install 100's of clutches a year in both diesel and gas application. Here is what we have found....


VP44 Injection Pump – What you need to know

VP44 Injection Pump – What you need to know


Diesel Terminology and Lingo Guide

Diesel terminology lingo used in the industry can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. What does a CAC? What the heck is EFI LIVE? These are all valid questions and here is a list of terms used in the diesel world to make navigating the industry better.

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