TransferFlow 75 Gallon In-Bed Auxiliary Fuel Tank System - TRAX 3 0800116755

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Fuel Type: Diesel Dimensions: 60.75"L x 20.5"W x 22.75"H Fits: 1999–2018 Ford and Ram, 2001–18 GM

Investing in an extra 75 gallons of onboard fuel gives you invaluable peace-of-mind on the road. Our 75-gallon in-bed auxiliary tank holds enough fuel to dramatically impact your driving experience wihout taking up as much bed space as some of our larger tanks. The auxiliary system is computer-controlled by our patented TRAX 3™ operating system with exclusive AutoTrans® technology, and is equipped with a NAPA-3270 (WIX 33270) fuel filter. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are built from ReliaSteel®, high-yield U.S. aluminized steel; and powder coated black for superior corrosion resistance and strength. 

All TRAX 3™ systems include an LCD module that displays fuel levels in both the main and auxiliary tanks. Computer-controlled automatic fuel transfers mean worry-free operation, and much safer and more reliable operations than gravity fed systems. Based on the capacity of your vehicle's main fuel tank and the capacity of the Transfer Flow fuel tank, the TRAX 3™ system will transfer fuel at predetermined fuel levels while the vehicle is in operation.

NOTE: Product dimensions include 1 1/2" in width for the mounting brackets and 3" in height for the filler neck.

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Do-It-Yourself Installation
If you want to get your hands dirty, you can easily install the fuel tank yourself. This tank systems come with comprehensive step-by-step instructions to make installation a breeze. We also have installation videos YouTube channel to walk you through each step of the process.

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