Airaid Air Filter- GM (860-161)

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Airaid Replacement Air Filter fits 2006-2008 GM 6.6L Duramax Diesel

AIRAID Air Filter


  • CHEVROLET SILVERADO 2500 HD  2006-2008  V8 6.6L
  • CHEVROLET SILVERADO 3500  2006-2008  V8 6.6L
  • GMC SIERRA 2500 HD  2006-2008  V8 6.6L
  • GMC SIERRA 3500  2006-2008  V8 6.6L

So what makes AIRAID® Premium Filters the best washable and reusable filter you can buy today? Quality. Each AIRAID® Premium Filter is hand-built using the finest materials available today. And each AIRAID® Premium Filter comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.


We start with multiple layers of surgical-quality cotton gauze. But the secret ingredient that makes AIRAID® Premium Filters different from the competition is SynthaFlow®. All AIRAID® Premium Filters use a synthetic filtration media called SynthaFlow®. SynthaFlow® is a synthetic fiber material that traps the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze performance filters cant capture.

Based on SAE standards, AIRAID® Premium Filters, with SynthaFlow®, capture almost twice the percentage of 2 micron particulates, and more than six times the amount of 0.5 micron particulates than our competitors filters. The cotton gauze layers are combined with our proprietary SynthaFlow® layer in between either stainless steel or epoxy coated wire mesh, depending upon the application.


All AIRAID® Premium Filters are built to last "for a lifetime" guaranteed. Each AIRAID® Premium Filter body is made from hand-poured urethane that wont crack or shrink in the high-heat environment found under the hoods of todays vehicles. Each AIRAID® Premium Filter is 100-percent washable and reusable and come with AIRAID's exclusive "No Hassle" Warranty.

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