Stanadyne DS4 Injection Pump 05521S

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DS Electronic Injection Pump for 1994-2000 GM 6.5L

Get Industrial Grade Fuel Injection with a remaned Stanadyne Pump

DS Electronic Injection Pump


  • Fully Rebuilt by Factory Authorized Technicians
  • Includes all the lates updates
  • Includes New PMD & Wiring Harness
  • One Year/Unlimited Mile Warranty
  • No Core Charge

If your truck is 1994 model year we will need the part number. The part number is located on the top line of the ID tag near the rear of the pump. Please call or email if your part number is 5068.



The Problem: On Stanadyne DS4 electronic fuel injection pumps used on all 1994-2002 6.5L GM trucks and vans, the OE pump-mounted driver (PMD) module is mounted directly to the fuel injection pump. This location creates two problems. The first is inefficiency. If a PMD module attached to a fuel injection pump needs to be serviced or replaced, you need to reach the fuel injection pump, which is an extremely time-consuming, labor-intensive repair. The second problem is that the location on the fuel injection pump subjects the PMD to excessive heat, a known cause of this high failure part.  

Our Response: Our PMD Relocation Kits provide a solution to both problems. If you install the kit upfront when installing the fuel injection pump, you’ll save significant time when diagnosing and replacing the PMD module in the future. As for the heat-related failure, our remote-mount PMD Kit allows you to relocate the PMD, which will help improve service life because of increased airflow around the module, thereby keeping it cooler.

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