South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch 6.4L Ford Power Stroke (SFDD3250-6.4)

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South Bend Street Dual Disc Clutch 6.4L Ford 2008-2010 PowerStroke With 6 speed transmission rated at 750 Horsepower and 1300 torque

South Bend Clutch Dampened Street Dual Disc Clutch With Ductile Flywheel - This Smooth Engagement Street Dual Disc Clutch with Ductile Flywheel is very streetable clutch kit for a truck that regularly tows over 15,000lbs, has a few modification upgrades, or a truck with heavier horsepower or torque demands that require the additional heavy duty strength.

Performance Heavy Duty Dual Disc Clutch features 6 ceramic buttons per disc side and South Bend Clutch's one of a kind, Dampened Center Plate is designed to Eliminate Rattle - for quieter, dampened sound. 3250lb. Pressure Plate provides maximum holding power with easy light pedal pressure.  Includes: Ductile Flywheel, 2 Clutch Disc, 3250lb Pressure Plate, Floater Plate & Throwout and Pilot Bearings.

This is not a Competition Sled Pulling Clutch Kit, this is a Non-SFI Certified Street Use Dual Disc Clutch.

NOTE: It's very important to Break-In your clutch with 500 miles of stop and go driving before you pull a load. Your clutch will last longer if you avoid down-shifting whenever possible. Down-shifting flexes the pressure plate, causing uneven wear. Just remember, Use your breaks instead--they're are alot less expensive to replace!

Ford 6.4L Powerstroke 2007.5-2010 Diesel Pickup Truck

Kit Includes:

  • Ductile Flywheel
  • Crank Bolts
  • 2 Clutch Disc
  • 3250lb Pressure Plate Floater Plate
  • Throwout and Pilot Bearings


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