Holset 14cm Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing (Short Outlet) - TH-04

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Holset TH-04 14cm Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing with Short Outlet. Smaller Turbine Housing for Quicker Response. Fits Dodge Cummins.

14cm Non-Wastegated Turbine Housing with short exhaust outlet.

Genuine, Holset (Cummins Turbo Technologies) 14cm short outlet, Non-Wastegated Turbine housing for Holset H1C, WH1C, HX35 & HX35W Turbochargers.

This Turbine Housing is a direct "drop in" upgrade for all 1988-1993 Dodge diesel truck turbochargers and exhaust systems.

It is also a direct turbo fit for all 1994-1998 Dodge diesel truck turbochargers, but requires moving the exhaust foreward 1.25" on these year trucks.

It will also direct fit the 1999-2002 manual transmission, and 1999 auto transmission Dodge diesel truck turbochargers, but these applications these applications require an exhaust outlet clamp and 45 degree outlet piece from a 1994-1998 truck and moving the exhaust foreward 1.25".

(The long outlet housing p/n TH-03, is a better choice on 1994-2002 trucks)

Note; This will not fit 2000-2002 auto transmission trucks with the stock HY35 turbocharger, or any 3rd generation trucks.

Recommended Best for; 1988-1993 1st Gereration trucks for better spool up, Power, and heat reduction on most trucks (heat reduction dependant on fuel delivery, horsepower, and elevation).

These trucks came stock with a 18cm, except for the first 70,000 air-to-air intercooled trucks built in the last half of 1991 & first of 1992, which were built with a 21cm2 housing.

With this housing, we recommend you add the;

GDS H1/HX Gasket Set

For Turbocharger mounting on 1988-2007 5.9L Dodge / Cummins applications.

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