GDS 98.5 - 02 (ONLY) HX Upgrade Compressor Housing & Wheel (62mm, 7 blade) - CH-12)

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Holset - GDS CH-12, Upgrade Compressor Housing & Wheel combo (62mm inducer, 7 blade) for 1998.5 - 2002 HX35W TURBOCHARGERS ONLY

Upgrade Compressor Housing & Wheel combo (62mm inducer, 7 Blade) for 1998.5 - 2002 HX35W TURBOCHARGERS ONLY.

Holset, 62mm inducer, 7 blade, Upgrade Compressor Housing & Wheel combo for most 1995-2002 Dodge / Cummins 5.9L diesel Turbochargers.

This HX40 Housing & Wheel combo is the largest available inducer and exducer, Holset housing & wheel set to fit the stock HX35W turbo! It gives a massive increase to the compressor flow capacity and has a map width enhancement slot to reduce compressor surge. It increases the compressor wheel inducer size from 56mm on 1995-1998.5, 12 valve trucks, and 54mm inducer on 1998.5-2002, trucks to a 60mm compressor inducer.


  Fit Notes (Please read before ordering);

This housing & wheel combo will fit only 1998.5 - 2002, 24 valve trucks with the HX35W turbocharger, with a simple center housing machining procedure, if they have the O.E. part number turbocharger (attaches to the center housing with snap fing connection, not a v-band connection). The center housing must be machined to accept the larger compressor wheel major diameter. (see technical information to see how) This is the only modification needed for these turbos.



This housing & wheel combo will NOT fit the 2000-2002,  automatic transmission 24 valve trucks, if they have the O.E. HY35W turbocharger with a v-band, turbine housing to center housing attachment!


If you have any fit questions on your application, or need machine specs or pre-machined parts, please feel free to contact us.


See Technical Information page for Installation Instructions & images.


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