DDP Dodge Ram Cummins 80 hp 6.7L Injector Nozzles (DDP 67-90NZ)

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2007.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins CRD 90hp Stage 2 Injector Nozzles

No other upgrade on a Dodge Common Rail can provide the stump pulling torque that a set of Dynomite Diesel injector nozzles can. Some of the electronic boxes available today can actually crack your injectors, causing thousands of dollars in repair bills. Be confident that you have a mechanical change that will add reliable power, without the headaches. If reduced smoke, more power, and better mileage are what youre after, then you have come to the right place.

These nozzles will give you 90+ horsepower at the wheels.  The Cummins 6.7 uses a Diesel Particulate filter to control soot output.  These 80hp nozzles will not clog your DPF.  DDP uses a very precise process known as Extrude Hone to enlarge the 6.7 nozzle without creating a bunch of extra soot and smoke.  The 6.7 requires a certain EGT to begin the regen process to clean the DPF.  When a truck is driven on very short trips it may not make enough EGT to regen often enough and it may clog the filter.  There are many complaints that stock trucks must be taken on long trips frequently so the regen process occurs.  With DDPs 90hp nozzles your truck will make a bit more EGT and consequently regen more often solving your clogged filter problems.

Mileage on your truck should increase by about 1 mile per gallon.  Please wait a while to determine how your mileage has been affected.  Your driving style has much to do with your mileage and that can be affected drastically by an excited driver.

Included with your nozzles is a nozzle removal tool to help you change the nozzles.  This tool gets clamped in a vise and holds the injector so you can easily remove the nozzle.  Also included in the box are color instructions, a set of copper washers and a core return form.  Please return the nozzle removal tool with your core nozzles for a full refund.

As always, this product is covered by our 3 year unlimited mileage warranty and our 30 day money back guarantee.


There are 2 extremely important tips that we must give you before you or anyone works on your 6.7.  First, there are very tiny steel disks inside your injector under the nozzles.  Be EXTREMELY careful not to loose these, they can get away before you know what happened.  They are very small.  Secondly, make absolutely sure you label each injector and make sure it goes back into the same cylinder.  The 6.7 is programmed to learn each injector and will reject the incorrect injector if the order is mixed up.

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