Bosch 0986435621 Stock Injectors 13-17 6.7L Dodge Cummins

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  • Bosch reman
  • 2013 - 2015 Dodge 6.7L Cummins 2500 3500

White smoke? Hard Start? Missing or ticking noises? No start at all? It could be that you have 1 or more bad injectors.  While common rail injectors are a necessity with today's engines to create the efficiency and power, they are also susceptible to wear more so than older, non-common rail injectors, as they are exposed to extremely high pressures.

The advantage to being rebuilt by Bosch is they have the ability to completely "gut" these injectors from input to output to ensure they are as close to new as possible.  The only "Remanufactured" part of these injectors are the housing. All internals are brand new and then reassembled the right way by Bosch. There's no reason to pay enormous costs at the dealer.  


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