BD Exhaust Pulse Manifold- Dodge 24V (1045987)

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BD Exhaust Pulse Manifold fits 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins

BD 2 Piece Exhaust Pulse Manifold 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L 24V Cummins


Stop exhaust manifold cracks in their tracks with BD’s new Pulse exhaust manifold for the Dodge-Cummins. Cast from high silicon ductile iron, the Pulse features expansion joints that allow the manifold to expand and contract without cracking or exhaust leaks. As the name would imply, these manifolds are “pulse tuned” to assist in combustion chamber evacuation and increased exhaust flow. 

The result is quicker turbo spool-up, reduced backpressure, increased power and better fuel economy. Some kits include stainless steel fasteners and washers to prevent lost or loose manifold bolts - Gaskets are available separately.



Product Warranty 1-Year Parts & Labor



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