BD Diesel GM Chev 6.5L PMD relocation kit 1036520 Pre Duramax

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BD Diesel Performance Pump Driver relocation kit for the 1994-2001 6.5L GMC-Chev diesel truck. Free Shipping

One of the most common failures with the DS4 pump on the 1994-2001 Chev 6.5L engines is the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) located on the side of the pump which has been contributed to excessive heat build up of the PMD. The PMD Relocation Kit moves the PMD away from the area of potential heat build up and is mounted on an extruded aluminum base to give better heat sinking. Easy to install and offers easier access for futer diagnostics and repairs.

Free Shipping

The PMD module, (also referred to as the "Fuel Solenoid Driver") has been a major problem for Chevy / GMC 6.5L diesel owners since the introduction of the 6.5L electronically controlled DS4 fuel injection pump. It has been determined that heat is the primary cause of PMD failures. The PMD is mounted to the side of the fuel injection pump from the factory. But the injection pump does not provide adequate cooling to keep the PMD functional. Once the engine begins showing symptoms of hesitating, stalling and hard starting, the problem will only worsen with time. The problem only becomes more serious when considering the potential danger of your engine stalling in a situation such as pulling into heavy traffic or descending a steep hill and losing the use of power brakes and steering. It is recommended that the PMD is replaced.

Tests show that when using the 6.5L PMD Cooler Kit, PMD temperatures will drop considerably depending on driving conditions. These temperature drops will seriously increase the life of the PMD and can save you money from towing and costly repairs. Installation is quick, simple and does not require any modifications or special tools. The 6.5L PMD Cooler Kit comes with everything needed to mount the assembly to the intake manifold of your engine

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