BD 1057705 Throttle Sensitivity Switch

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BD Throttle Sensitivity Switch For BD-Power Throttle Sensitivity Booster (see description)

The BD-Power 1057705 Throttle Sensitivity Switch adds an external, on-the-fly control to the BD-Power Throttle Sensitivity Booster. This switch allows you to change settings quickly and easily without having to open the module and make adjustments. It also provides you with more level options. 

The normal module has two sensitivity levels. This add-on gives the driver multiple levels of sensitivity and in addition has both a valet mode and a “ludicrous speed” setting. The valet mode is perfect for modified vehicles as it allows the owner of the vehicle to reduce available power when allowing others to drive their vehicle. The ability to adjust the sensitivity level on the go is also helpful for driving in inclement road conditions where a lower responsiveness may be desired.


  • Adds On-The-Fly Adjustability 

  • Provides Multiple Levels Of Sensitivity 

Power Levels:

  • Stock 

  • Low +50% 

  • Medium +75%

  • High +100%

  • Ludicrous +400% 

  • Valet 

Note: This switch will ONLY work on the 1057731, 1057732, 1057736, & 1057737 Throttle Sensitivity Booster. It WILL NOT work on the original, first generation Throttle Sensitivity Boosters (part number beginning in 105771). 

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