Refer to Figure A for steps 1-3

Step 1: Remove the nut 1 holding the factory air box down with a 10mm socket or driver.

Step 2: Disconnect the wiring harness from the temperature sensor  2

Step 3: Loosen the clamp connecting the factory intake tube to the turbocharger and pull the entire intake system out of the vehicle.

Refer to Figure B for steps 4-5

NOTE: Wipe the flter fange with acetone to remove excess oil.

Step 4: Slide the aFe Filter into the Momentum HD housing. Install the larger clamps on the housing and flter.  Do not tighten as that time.

Step 5: If you are not installing the air scoop and wish to close off the extra air inlet, install the furnished plug to close off the bottom opening   3   and/or the front opening   4  .

The bottom air scoop plug must be installed from the inside before the flter is installed.

Refer to Figure C for steps  6-7

Step 6: Install the momentum HD housing into the vehicle by pushing it into the factory mounting grommet.

Step 7: Re-install the factory nut   5   removed at step 1 to secure the housing. Do not completely tighten yet.

Refer to Figure D for steps  8-10

Step 8:   Transfer the temperature sensor   6   from the factory air box to the aFe tube. Use the furnished M4 screws to secure the sensor on the aFe tube.

Step 9: Install the furnished silicone coupling and T-bolt clamps yet. 7on the small inlet. Do not tighten

 Step 10: Transfer the flter minder and factory grommet 8  from the factory housing to the aFe Tube. If  your truck is not equipped with a flter minder, just plug off the hole with the furnished grommet and cap.

Refer to Figure E for steps  11-12

Step 11: Install the aFe tube into the vehicle by sliding the coupling over the turbo then by connecting the tube to the flter. Make sure everything is correctly align, then tighten all clamps and nut.

Step 12: Reconnect the temperature sensor harness   9  

Refer to Figure F for step 13

Step 13:  Verify all connections are secured. Your installation is now completed.

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