GDS CH-09/10/11/12 Compressor Upgrade Installation Instructions

  • Remove the compressor housing from the rest of the turbo by removing the large snap ring and pulling the housing straight off.
  • Using a 3/4' 12pt socket hold the exhaust wheel while removing the shaft nut. The shaft nut is "left-handed (reverse thread)".
  • Slide the old compressor wheel straight off the shaft.
  • Remove the exhaust shaft by lightly tapping it with a rubber mallet.
  • Cover or plug up all holes in the center/ bearing housing so no metal gets inside during machining.
  • Chuck up the bearing housing in a machining lathe and machine out the pocket. Machine it out to at least 3.420". The depth does not change.

  • Blow metal shavings off remove plugs or covers.
  • Reinsert the exhaust wheel and make sure the shaft seats and spins freely in the center/bearing housing.
  • Slide the new wheel and torque the shaft nut down.
  •         12 point nut = 125 inch lbs.
  •         6 point nut = 135 inch lbs.
  • Make sure the wheel spins freely before installing the new compressor housing.
  • Install the new compressor housing and make sure it sits flat before installing the large snap ring. DO NOT INSTALL ANY O-RINGS!!
  • Install the large snap ring and make sure it sits all the way in.
  • Make sure the turbo still spins freely and does not drag.

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