For 08‐10 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke        .

Kit is for off‐road use only, please check state law before installing.

This kit may void factory warranty.

Install should take about 4 hours to complete and does not require removal of cab. Please follow instructions; we are not liable for improper installation.

Install of kit may cause your truck to set a service engine light, you will need to use a tuner to avoid check engine light.


Packing List:

1  EGR Block‐off Plate

1  Exhaust Block‐off Plate

1  Exhaust Gasket

1  Hose Connector

  1. Stand‐Off Spacer
  2. Coolant Line Plugs
    4  1.25 x 40 Hex Head Bolts
    2  1.25 x 20 Hex Head Bolts
    2  1.25 x 16 Hex Head Bolts
    2  Plastic Hose Routing Clips
  1. Large O‐ring
  2. Small O‐rings
    Be sure you have all parts before you try to install.
    Caution!!! Never work on a hot Vehicle. Serious injury in the form of burns can result if the vehicle has been in use and the coolant system is hot, allow vehicle to cool for at least 1 hour. Always wear eye protection when working under any vehicle.

Step 1: Make sure the front wheels are straight. Step 2: Disconnect both batteries.

Step 3: Drain the coolant using the coolant drain plug located on the bottom of the radiator on the driver side. (Figure 1)


Step 4: Remove the 3/8" hose that runs to the degas bottle. *Save this hose, as you will need it later on.* (Figure 2)



Figure 1                                                                                 Figure 2




!!Save the hose from figure 2 for use later on !!


Step 5: Remove the upper radiator hose by popping the wire clip out and pulling the hose straight out. (Figure 3)


Step 6: Remove the driver side battery and battery tray by removing the four bolts. The degas bottle is attached to the battery tray so be sure to disconnect all coolant lines going to the degas bottle as well as the vacuum line running to the battery tray.(Figure 4)


Figure 3                                                                                     Figure 4


Step 7: Disconnect the electrical connector at the top of the vertical cooler followed by the band clamps that hold it in place, as well as the nut and bolt that hold the top of the cooler. (Figure 5)


Step 8: Loosen the clamp on the intercooler tube and pull the tube out of the boot.


*Note: It is not necessary to remove the entire intercooler tube.* (Figure 6)




Figure 5                                                              Figure 6



Step 9: Disconnect the two coolers from each other by removing the two nuts on the back of the flange and prying the two flanges apart. (Figure 7)


Step 10: Hold the intercooler tube back while pulling the cooler up and out. You may need to try rotating the cooler to get it out of the mount. (Figure 8)


Figure 7                                                               Figure 8

Step 11: Remove the plastic coolant "Y". It is brittle so be careful when removing it. (Figure 9)


Step 12: Remove the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing,  Note-lf the upper radiator hose is the old version with the single o-ring, you should replace it with the new double o-ring version. The older version is all black, where as the new version has a white end that goes to the thermostat housing.


(Figure 10)




Figure 9                                                                Figure 10


Step 13: Remove the upper EGR cooler mount. There are three 1Omm head bolts, and one 13mm head stud. Be sure to keep the stud, as you will need it later on to secure the power steering line. (Figure 11)


Step 14: Remove the nut that secures the dipstick tube in place.(Figure 12)


Figure 11                                                              Figure 12

Step 15: Remove the steering shaft bolt and slide the stem up and off of the steering box side. Be sure not to turn the steering wheel or tires. (Figure 13)


Step 16: Loosen and remove the nuts on the band clamps that hold the lower EGR cooler in place. In some cases it may be easier to get to them through the wheel well. (Figure 14)


Figure 13                                                              Figure 14


Step 17: Remove the rear cooler hose. It may be easier to cut this hose. (Figure 15)


Step 18: Remove the two bolts from the rear of the cooler. It is easiest to remove the top bolt from above and the bottom bolt from underneath the truck. (Figure 16)


Figure 15                                                            Figure 16


Step 19: Rotate the cooler and pull it forward to remove it from the bracket. You will need to move the dipstick out of the way to do so. (Figure 16)


Step 20: At the front of the coolant line that is attached to the cooler bracket, remove the bolt that holds the coolant tube to the timing cover. (*Note- the tube and the cooler bracket will come off in one piece.) (Figure 17)


Step 21: Remove the four 1Omm bolts from the lower cooler bracket. (Figure 17)


Figure 17                                                           Figure 18



Step 22: Install the four new exhaust manifold bolts and torque to factory specs. (Figure 18)



Step 23: Install the stainless exhaust block off plate using the new hardware and exhaust gasket, (Figure 19)




Figure 19                                                            Figure 20



Step 24: Re-install the dipstick hold down nut.



Step 25: Remove the upper cooler hose and steel tube that was attached to the top of the upper cooler and discard. (Figure 20)


Step 26: Install the coolant plugs using the factory hardware in place of the lines that came from the cooler.  (Figure 21 )


Step 27: Re-install the stud that was saved from step 12 with the standoff that has been provided. Then re-install the power steering line support bracket. (Figure 22)


Figure 21                                                              Figure 22



Step 28: Re-install the plastic "Y" being careful not to break it.


Step 29: Reconnect the steering shaft and torque to factory specs.


Step 30: Re-install the battery box. Remember to hook up both coolant lines and the small vacuum line. Step 31: Clean the end of the silicone boot and intercooler tube and re-install.

Step 32: Re-install the upper radiator hose making sure that the metal clips are securely in place. Step 33: Install the EGR block off plate where the top of the upper cooler was attached.

*Note - We have supplied two bolts for this plate so that the stud can be removed if you choose to do so.*

(Figure 23)




Figure 23

Step 34; Use the 3/8" hose that was saved from step 4 to make a piece to reconnect the coolant line to degas bottle and splice it together using the supplied nipple and the existing hose clamps. Use the black routing clips to hold the line in place. (Figure 24)


Step 35: Re-rout the loose coolant hose on top of the engine, back around the open coolant port next to the EGR block off plate using the factory hose clamps. (Figure 25)


Step 36: Fill the truck up with the correct coolant and run the truck checking for leaks. Top off the coolant once the truck reaches normal operating temperature.





Figure 24                                                            Figure 25





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