South Bend Clutch

We have been installing OEM and aftermarket clutches in diesel and gas vehicles for years, and we have pretty much installed every brand of after market clutch availble. Because of this, we have seen every type of clutch failure imaginable, and delt with warranty issues from several manufactures.

In the end, Gillett Diesel Service has found South Bend Clutch to be one of the most relable aftermarket clutches availble when you select the correct clutch for your driving, towing, off road, or racing needs.

Considrations When Purchasing a New Aftermarket Clutch

  • Your Application - Do you tow? Are You a Competive Driver (race, sled pull, off road use,and so on)?
  • Warranty - South Bend Clutch provides one of the best warranties in the industry
  • Pricing Level - South Bend is competivley priced
  • Durability - Once again, select the correct clutch for your specific needs. South Bend is extremly durable if you select the correct clutch.


Installation is a breeze to learn more about this read South Bend Clutch Upgrade

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