Modern vehicles utilize an accelerator pedal position sensor to control engine fueling. Many of these vehicles respond slowly and have poor throttle sensitivity. Much of this is actually caused by the factory programming within the ECM. The BD Throttle Sensitivity Booster corrects this by making the pedal more sensitive and making the vehicle more responsive. The module can be set to a low or high increase in sensitivity depending on driver preference. This is especially effective on stock trucks.

Optional Switch BD Kit 1057705

The optional add on switch kit allows you to add an external button to your Throttle Sensitivity module. This allows you to change sensitivity levels with the touch of a button. In addition, it adds one more sensitivity level and a valet mode not normally available with the module alone.
Compatible only with kits: 1057731, 1057732, 1057736, 1057737.



  • To avoid setting possible fault codes, disconnect vehicle batteries before proceeding.

1. Locate vehicle accelerator pedal position sensor and disconnect wiring harness.

  • On 1998-2003 Dodge trucks, this sensor is located under a plastic cover below the intake elbow on the driver’s side of the engine. The sensors connector faces downward.


  • On all other vehicles, the sensor is built into the top of the accelerator pedal below dashboard

2. Connect supplied wiring harness to the sensor and connect the other end to the factory wiring harness. Secure harness with zip ties so that it does not interfere with pedal operation.

  • Removal of the knee bolster may ease installation.

3. Before mounting the module, open the module by inserting a screwdriver to depress the tabs and slide the PCB from the enclosure.

4. Connect circuit board to the wiring harness and keep away from metal objects that might cause a short circuit. Ensure the sensitivity “SETTING” switch is set to the default position of “STOCK”.

5. Reconnect vehicle batteries.

6. Turn ignition switch on. Press and release the LEARN PEDAL” button on the module. The STATUS and LEVEL indicator lights will both illuminate. Slowly depress and release the
throttle pedal a few times within 15 seconds. This will allow the module to learn your specific accelerator pedal sensor output. Make sure the pedal travel is not impeded by a floor mat. Once complete, the LED indicators will go back to their normal function. Turn the ignition switch back off. The module is now learned to your APP sensor and will retain this in its memory.

7. Set the throttle pedal sensitivity boost as desired using the “SETTING” switch on he circuit board.

  • STOCK No change to throttle pedal outputs. Same as stock.
  • LOW Medium increase in sensitivity. 50% Boost.
  • HIGH High increase in sensitivity. 100% Boost.

8. Insert module back into enclosure and secure below the dashboard or in the engine bay for 1998-2003 Dodge trucks.

9. Check for correct operation and check for fault codes. Installation is now complete.


  • POWER LED - Lit whenever the module has power. (Key on).
  • STATUS LED - Flashes when it detects APPS circuits 1 and 2 are over zero volts. LEVEL LED – This is the sensitivity level. Stays off when set to STOCK.  
  • Note: All three lights will be lit for the 15 second pedal learn process.

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