Step 1: (Read Instructions prior to installation) Disconnect sensors at the connections. Take caution as not to damage any sensors.

Remove CAT/DPF section of your trucks exhaust working your way forward. Take caution not to damage the factory isolation mounts as they will be reused. It is recommended to not fully tighten the clamps until the entire system has been installed.

Step 2: For faster installation spread the pieces of the exhaust along side of your vehicle according to the diagram shown.

Step 3: Attach mid-pipe using OE nuts and bolts to OE turbo down-pipe, then install mid-pipe to OE pipe attached to OE muffler.

Step 4: Adjust for alignment and tighten all connections. Your installation is now complete. It is recommended to re-tighten all exhaust components after the first 50-100 miles.

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