Cummins and Ram have been partnered since 1989, when the first 6BT-powered pickup rolled into showrooms, impressing truck drivers with the platform’s simplicity, power, and durability. 30  years later, that relationship is still going strong, with the latest 2019 engine being the newest iteration of  6.7-liter with some major changes.

Debuting in 2007, the 6.7 has carried the torch of its predecessors, putting trusted reliability and output as its main strengths. Where the engine trips up is not on the intake or fueling side of things, but rather the exhaust.

Over time, the 6.7-liter Cummins exhaust manifold can shrink from excessive heat. From that, it can lead to cracking and lost efficiency in the exhaust system. A good solution is get an aftermarket manifold, like the BD 1045965 Exhaust Manifold

The manifold gasket can be an issue. That’s because the manifolds shrink from excessive heat, even on stock trucks. We’ve seen manifolds where they’ve shrunken by at over a quarter of an inch. When this happens, the mounting bolts of the manifolds break.

This could have something to do with towing and how much a truck does of it, but outside of that, the manifolds simply can’t take the heat. The aftermarket options out there are an improvement. The good manifolds have webbing in between the ports, which helps keep the structural integrity from being compromised.

Cummins has made some major changes to the new 2019 6.7L, including a new CGI block material, a new cast iron head, new VGT turbo, and other design changes. However, only time will tell if the exhaust manifold issues has been addressed.

So in the meantime, Gillett Diesel Service, strongly recommends that you considering upgrading the exhaust manifold on your 2007-2018 Cummins 6.7.


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